For the meaning of life differs from human to human, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.

Viktor E. Frankl, author of Men’s Search for Meaning

finding the meaning of life

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Our emotions reveal a lot about what is meaningful to us. Becoming more conscious of them and the triggers behind them can be incredibly beneficial, because human beings are fundamentally driven by what is meaningful to them. Finding meaning often leads to finding the motivation and empowerment you need to move life forward.

Often times, what blocks our way to happiness or success is deeply rooted in our emotional patterns and fears, even if on the surface it seems to be other people or the environment causing us problems. Emotional intelligence coaching increases your awareness of those patterns and fears, so that you can address the real underlying issues and make lasting changes that improve your life in a meaningful way.

Depression Coaching

One of the strongest signs of depression is the general loss of interest in life. When feeling depressed, people often find themselves asking ‘what is the point of everything?’ Depression is often accompanied by an intense feeling of boredom and paralysis due to a lack of meaning in all your relationships and activities. This is why many therapeutic approaches exist that focus on finding the meaning of life, including positive psychology, logotherapy and meaning therapy.

When you feel depressed, there is usually a valid reason behind it. But you either cannot put your finger on it or find it difficult to talk about your feelings with anyone in a meaningful way. This is where talking therapy can really add great value. I will collaborate with you to create a safe psychological space where you can freely explore your life events, feelings and hopes. As it becomes clearer what makes your life meaningful, you can then find the strength to remove the parts that no longer provide meaning but continue to lower the spirit of (i.e. depress) your life.

Existential Depression Coaching

Existential depression strikes when you are confronted by the question of the meaning of human existence. According to Irvin D. Yalom, there are four ‘ultimate concerns’ that cause existential depression – death, freedom, isolation and meaninglessness.

  • Death is an inevitable occurrence.
  • Freedom in this context refers to each individual’s responsibility for creating meaning for their own lives, in the absence of external power or structure.
  • Isolation refers to the notion that each individual is ultimately alone and unattached to other human beings.
  • Meaninglessness stems from the first three. If we must die, if we construct our own world, and if each of us is ultimately alone, then what meaning does life have?

Deep thinkers are more prone to existential depression, because you tend to want much more out of life than satisfying the practical needs. It is your innate desire to understand life and to find answers.

Interestingly, existential depression often leads to transformations. It indicates that you have reached the edge of the comfort zone you have created and stayed in for a while. Now your achievements start to seem less meaningful to you, which may make you feel lost as to ‘what else am I living for.’ At this point, some deep exploration of the reasons behind your existential depression can lead to enlightenment and create exciting opportunities to expand your life to a new level. I would be honoured to be alongside you as you embark on that courageous journey.


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