Self-Acceptance Coaching

Acceptance of ourselves is only true if it is unconditional. Anything short of that leads to fear and self-hatred. A lack of self-acceptance is the most common obstacle that underlies all the reasons keeping you from fulfilling relationships, work, and life in general. Such an obstacle can be deeply hidden from your consciousness, so that you may not be aware of it.

In the process of growth and development, it is often the most profound moments when we realise that there is an aspect of ourselves that we do not yet regard as acceptable. Each time we recognise this, however, we learn to embrace our authentic selves more. Self-acceptance coaching brings those moments to you purposefully and strikingly, so that you remove the psychological obstacles and live a more fulfilling life that is authentic to you.

Self-Esteem Coaching

A sign of low self-esteem is the compulsion to sacrifice yourself in order to please others. Such compulsion often stems from the belief that you are of no value unless others approve of you. It often leads to anxiety and depression as a result of constant self-criticism.

If you do not value yourself very much, it can be hard to form rewarding relationships and career. Self-esteem coaching creates a space for you to safely explore your emotions and desires, which often don’t have the opportunity to be heard but are key to understanding your internal value system. Through such important exploration, we will create a path towards recognition of your self-worth and lay down a solid foundation for you to assert yourself in day-to-day life.

Single-hood Coaching

Being single can be hard in a world that constantly promotes marriage and family as the ultimate route to happiness. Such notion could not be further from the truth.

In the book Singled Out (by Bella DePaulo, PH.D.), the author coined the term ‘singlism’ as ‘the twenty-first-century problem that has no name.’ When we live under social systems which view marriages as the more efficient way of managing the population, those who prefer single-hood to twosome can feel less catered for.

If you are facing difficulties that come with a choice or state of being single, it can be beneficial to explore the underlying emotions and what single-hood means to you. So you can embrace life regardless of your relationship status.

Relationship Coaching

Life is formed by the intricacy of all of our relationships. Relationship with a spouse. Relationship with colleagues. Relationship with parents. And most importantly, relationship with ourselves.

If you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship of any kind, talking it through with someone outside the complex dynamic of your day-to-day relationships can be a very effective way to make sense of what is going on. And in turn, you will know how to keep your relationships healthy and make the necessary adjustments.

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