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Career Change Coaching

We live in an age full of possibilities and rapid (and sometimes drastic) changes. When our great grandparents may have been content to keep one job for life, today not only can we move from one employer to another, but we can also have multiple careers!

If you are thinking about a career change, I congratulate you on being so courageous and driven, and on striving for better and bolder.

It is a blessing to be able to dream wildly. But the actual path towards a satisfying career change can seem hidden sometimes, especially when the end target is not yet clear. I know this very well from my own experience of finding my dream career.

Partnering with me can bring great clarity and insight into your career direction. Together, we will collaborate through stimulating conversations centred around you and find the perfect space for you to shine and leap forward.

Career Development Coaching

Are you on the corporate ladder looking for the next step up? Whilst there are some general strategies that may apply universally, each organisation operates differently. At times it can be confusing and even disheartening. I have been there.

When I struggled in the past, what eventually drove me forward to land my dream job or promotion was less about the strategy I used or network I relied upon, but much more about the motivation. When you are motivated enough towards a goal, success is the easy part.

The benefits of working with me when you are looking to further develop your career includes – real lasting motivation driven by ongoing support and creative brainstorming, empowerment from a partnership that is committed to the entire process of reaching your goal, expansive mindset as a result of limitless self-exploration and unconditional self-acceptance.

Let’s make it happen!

Clarity Coaching

We live in a world full of ‘codes’. Whether you are dealing with family, colleagues, or strangers, mixed messages and ambiguous cues are everywhere. In an ordinary environment, people rarely feel safe enough to tell you exactly what is going on. Without a space to reflect and ponder out loud, it can become so overwhelming that it is no longer clear as to where you are going and why you are in a particular personal or professional relationship. Some may even end up with anxiety or depression.

Clarity coaching is really about finding a secure space where you can explore freely any topics, events, or relationships that are affecting your quality of life. I will be a solid and stimulating sounding board for your thoughts. When you can see clearly the real nature of things and people around you, deciding on your next steps becomes easy.

Leadership Coaching

It can be challenging to find the direction when everybody else is relying on you to lead the way.

I refer to ‘leaders’ not just in an organisational sense, because it is much broader than that. The definition of leadership is less about your hierarchical position, but more about the impact and originality of your thoughts and actions. If you are an original thinker of influence, then you are a leader.

One of the most exciting things about leaders is the rigorousness of your thoughts. If you are looking for a thought partner who hears you, reflects on your ideas deeply, asks you questions that accelerates your thought process, whilst having fun and feeling inspired on the way, then I have the exact qualities to offer you.

Whether it is a project, a relationship, a community, or an enterprise that you are leading, together, we will find the perfect direction in which you want to guide the way.


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