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Solving Corporate Puzzles – Chapter 1. The Office Bully

Every office has one. They may appear to be ‘leadership material’ because of their straight-to-the-point and no-bullshit ways. They could even be kind and charming at times, when they want to. Nevertheless, something about them just feels harsh, insensitive, and egotistic. Are they really straight-talking leaders? Or are they just the over-sensitive office bully? If so, why do they feel the need to bully? Do they just lack empathy for others? Or are they unable to empathise with themselves?

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12 Steps To Codependency Recovery

You are exhausted. No matter how much you sacrifice, your partner seems to need more. You cook, you clean, you found his last three jobs for him. You are ready to drop everything because he might require your attention at any given moment. You feel like you are the only person pulling the weight in the relationship and you can’t help but feel trapped. “I can’t leave, he needs me” has become your relationship mantra. You sense that there is something unhealthy and even destructive about your relationship. Could this be what is called codependency? Let’s explore the symptoms and the ways to codependency recovery.

How To Be More Vulnerable In A Relationship: 7 Steps

It is natural to be scared of being vulnerable in a relationship. But the fear you feel, despite the discomfort that comes with it, provides vast opportunities for growth and deep connection if you learn to open up and allow yourself to be ‘securely vulnerable.’

So if you were wondering how to be more vulnerable in a relationship, here are seven steps you can take to practice your vulnerability and let it empower you in a relationship.

How To Forgive Yourself For Cheating

Saturday morning. You are sitting at the kitchen table and stirring coffee while silently gazing at your cup. Last night’s episodes are running through your head. It was so electrifying and so intense. You cannot bring yourself to raise your eyes and look at your partner. You told him that you had to stay late at work last night and finish those spreadsheets.

You did stay at work. What your partner doesn’t know is that your colleague Mark stayed back with you, and those spreadsheets were the last thing you cared about. The night with Mark was so thrilling but so wrong. As guilt takes over your mind, you can’t think about anything else but whether you can ever learn how to forgive yourself for cheating.

How To Cure Oneitis: Things That Pickup Artists Won’t Tell You

It has been weeks since she hugged you goodbye and said she hoped you could remain friends. Yet your heart is still aching, and your head is spinning. You want to stop texting her but just can’t get her out of your mind. Memories of her seem to only get stronger as each day goes by. Your friends say you’ve got oneitis. Is this some sort of disease? And if so, will you ever know how to cure oneitis and get over that girl?

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